006: How Did We Get Here?

Division. Anger. Hate. Violence. Selfishness. Power-hungry. Politics. Fear. Naive. Gullible. Disingenuous. Insensitive. Dishonest. Self-Righteous. Indignant. The Never Ending Desire to Be Right. At. Any. Cost.

Where are we as a society? What has the world come to? Why all the division? Why all the hate?

I believe it all depends what lense we are viewing the world through. Do you view what’s presented to you unfiltered? Or do you gain perspective and draw your own conclusions? Is this country in as bad shape as some would have us believe? Or are we being fed the wrong information?

I want to believe good wins over evil. That love never fails. You got to let love rule. Where is the love? What’s goin’ on? People killin’ people dyin’.

Love wins. It’s true. Seek it. Dig for it. Look for it. I believe it is still the dominant quality of our world and our society. Truth is where you find it.

I’m rambling. Tired. But finding hope through writing. There is community here. There is togetherness. There is love. It’s all around us. In you. In me.

Believe. Hope. Dream. Love.

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